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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training obliges 25 days of intense participation with dedication and hard work. For 25 days you will be immersed in Practice of Yoga Asanas, Theory, Yoga Anatomy and Art of teaching. Yog Nisarga offers Residential 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. We have meticulously chosen CC’s Hideaway in Phuket as our Yoga Destination. The Training starts by establishing a personal practice, dedicated study of the ancient wisdom of YogaSutras and applying them to the deepest core of your life.

Yog Nisarga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is a Residential program, promising a real tropical experience. The 200 Hour Yoga TTC Thailand is officially recognized by Yoga Alliance US & Yoga Alliance UK. During the course, there will be ample of opportunities to apply your gained knowledge by teaching your fellow students.

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About Us – Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Yog Nisarga is a renowned Yoga School well known for its professional 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We have made the curriculum that includes ancient science and supports the modern science too. Our holistic approach helps students to reconnect with the ancient mysterious of Yoga and simultaneously connect the ancient wisdom to the modern life.

In this 25 days Intense 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training we synthesize the physical and meditative practice of Yoga with YogaSutras of Patanjali that are crucial for conscious living. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is offered in actual Residential Style. Accommodation, Food, Yoga Props all are provided on the campus. You can truly trust the safe space of the School and immerse yourself in the Training.

When you move away from the Hustle & Bustle and Distractions of your daily life and dive deeper in Yoga, you gain a better clarity of your purpose of life on this moving Spaceship!

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It was a very nice experience of joining Yog Nisarga for the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training by Prem Sandip and Sukhvinder in Phuket Thailand.
Our accommodation and the Yoga training hall was arranged in CC’s Hideaway Hotel, it’s so convenient for us to attend the class without spend too much time on the road. The food was very delicious and different everyday, the room was clean and comfortable, I will be back again.
Our teacher Prem Sandip and Sukhvinder,they are so kind and experienced. They took care of every student, corrected our mistakes, and answered our different questions patiently. They taught us from the heart instead of from the mind.
The course is wonderful and comprehensive, it includes Yogic History and Principle, Anatomy and Teaching Skills ,it made me know about yoga more deeply and feel confident, help me a lot in my teaching road.
Thank you so much!

Christy Yayan


My trip to Goa and to Yog Nisarga was a fantastic experience. When one compares India to a Western culture; a trip to India is full of surprises and new experiences. Should we do a 200 hour Teacher Training course with Yog Nisarga? My overwhelming response would be Yes. The benefits far outweigh the costs. Getting outside your comfort zone and connecting to a culture that is so warm and friendly is incredible. The class becomes a team, where everyone makes an effort to support you to achieve your goal. I have a memory and a yoga practice that I hope will last a lifetime



Learning about the all yoga philosophy and living this experience in my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life for ever…good luck to all the future yogis and yoginis, and thank you to our teachers for sharing their passion with so much love



I attended the 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Yog Nisarga in February – March 2015. I chose Yog Nisarga based on their content on the website and several positive reviews. My expectations came more than true. Yog Nisarga maintained during the month a high quality course. They have several excellent teachers for the different classes: anatomy, yoga philosophy, alignment, teacher skills, ayurveda, pranayama, bandha’s, mudra’s, meditation, teacher skills, start your own business and of course the daily asana practice. Great thanks to the excellent classes by the lovely Prem, Yogesh and Deepika. The course is intense, 100% attendance of the classes is acquired but the course is packed with all round knowledge about Yoga lifestyle. At the end of the course I gained confidence, knowledge and lots of fun in deepening my own yoga practice and teaching asthanga vinyasa yoga. I booked the course without the accommodation and meals, and this was the best choice for me and my partner. It’s very easy and cheap to arrange your own accommodation in Goa, and this way you can choose whatever accommodation suits you best and choose your meals freely from lots of excellent restaurants and beach shacks. If you’ve never been to Goa, don’t be surprised that al lot of the accommodations are low budget and adjust your expectations to that.



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