Yog Nisarga – Yoga Teacher Training

The journey to become a Yoga Teacher starts with establishing a personal practice, a dedicated study of the ancient wisdom of YogSutras, and applying their core principles in your life. Yog Nisarga’s 200-Hour Residential Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Program will help you to build a strong foundation and to deepen your practice. The course is officially recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance UK. Learn traditional yoga from Indian yoga masters and teacher in India and Thailand.

For twenty-five days you will be immersed in the theory and practice of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and the Art of Teaching. During the course you will have the opportunity to apply the new theoretical knowledge by teaching classes to your fellow students.  Since our students come from all over the world, we have designed a cross-cultural friendly and adaptable program. By the end of the course you will return home not only with useful information and new skills, but many fond memories of your time in India and Thailand.

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About Yog Nisarga

The word Yog has been taken from Sanskrit root word “ YUJ” which means “union” or “bringing together. Nisarga means nature. So, Yog Nisarga means union with nature. As we are surrounded by the nature around us, similarly we are also supported by the nature from inside. By reading or knowing the word ‘Yog Nisarga’ we remind ourselves to always stay together with the nature inside and outside.

The mission of Yog Nisarga is to guide students on a spiritual path that includes a healthier and happier life. We help our students to stay connected to their real selves while living  in the hectic realities of modern world to establish a Yoga practice that suits their life-style and we show by example that the path of yoga never ends in a final destination but is an ongoing beautiful journey full of wonderful discoveries. We teach traditional Yoga as it is described in ancient Yog Sutras of Patanjali and we do so with a deep understanding of the changes that have taken place over the thousands of years since the sacred text was written.

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I took this course Jan-Feb 2014. Yog Nisarga was found to be a learning supportive environment. The surroundings in Palolem is conducive for this endeavor with its natural endowment of a beautiful beach, greenery, polite and warm local people. Instructors were professional yet friendly, and adhered to the rigor of the Yoga training.Course content is comprehensive with a good balance of practice session vs theory.Variety is introduces with meditation sessions, beach walks and on-the-beach practice sessions.Best part of the course starts mid-way through the training when students are given ample time, opportunity and support to practice their teaching skills among their peers.All in all, a wonderful learning experience at the school and good times with peers.


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