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About Yog Nisarga

Yog Nisarga Vision

Who is Yog Nisarga?
Yog Nisarga is a Yoga Alliance Registered; Internationally acclaimed Yoga Teacher Training Institute located in Goa, India.

Spiritual growth
Yog Nisarga is the overflowing heart – the teachers, the staff and the whole system of Yog Nisarga work under the influence of heart. This Environment works for the students as a catalyst to trigger their spiritual growth.

Yoga Teacher Training
We offer Yoga Alliance Standard 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training which is 25 days residential program which also includes Yogic diet at our beautiful resort in Goa, India. We have designed our Yoga Teacher Training in such a way that a beginner does not feel over-worked, and advanced students don’t feel inadequate. Therefore, All-levels students are welcome to join.

Therapeutic approach
We at Yog Nisarga extensively trust in the quality of heart. We feel that sharing and love are only therapy and in the atmosphere of sharing and love the being blossoms. During the tenure of your Teacher Training, Yoga retreats or Detox programs you will feel a cushion of love surrounding you. We have our Yoga Teachers available on the campus of Yoga Resort 24/7 to guide you through any difficulties emotional or mental whatsoever and help you to resolve them.

Yoga Style
We practice Yoga in Hatha and Ashtanga-Vinyasa flow. This combination of styles of yoga is unique in its own way. Hatha Yoga is the apex of all Yoga styles and practices with very gentle way. However, Ashtanga Yoga is a more dynamic form of Yoga, physically demanding practice synchronizes breath and body movements to channelize internal heat to purify the body.

The whole Yoga as a Science: Here at Yog Nisarga, we do not give students any religious dogmas or doctrines we just show them how the science of Yoga works to enter the temple that you are and how to discover yourself.

Why Yog Nisarga?
There’s nowhere quite like it! We not only Teach Yoga but also imbibe the principles of Yoga to the deepest core of our students. Yog Nisarga does not belong to any tradition of orthodox doctrines of Yoga. We directly teach Yoga from its source itself: Patanjali. With Patanjali, we experiment to know the ultimate laws of being: the laws of its transformation. And that’s the reason we call Yoga a science.

Swami Prem Sandip founded Yog Nisarga in the year 2007. Swami Prem Sandip was introduced to Yoga and meditation practices since he was six years old by his elder brother Yogi Abhay. Later on, he started exploring different Yoga and Meditation. Within few years as the Spiritual thirst came to its peak, Yog Nisarga was born.

Yog Nisarga’s Vision is to bridge the gap between Tradition and Science. A great synthesis is needed, a great synthesis between East and the West, Tradition and Science. And this synthesis gives birth to “Yoga”- the meeting of the opposites; in the union of the opposite. We here at Yog Nisarga works on this principle which helps our students to imbibe the juice of Yoga in their day-to-day life.

Yog Nisarga has been conducting Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training since the day of its inception. Founded in Goa, India Yog Nisarga has expanded its horizons to different nations. Recently, Yog Nisarga has also conducted Various Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats in Russia.

We are located at the finest luxury resort in Mandrem – Goa, India. The Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Detox programs that we offer are all residential. The Residential program includes breakfast and have numerous choices of organic Restaurants around.

Yoga Training Team & Credentials
Yog Nisarga is registered with Yoga Alliance USA. All the Yoga Teachers with us are registered with Yoga Alliance. The Teachers at Yog Nisarga have a substantial experience of teaching aspiring Yoga teachers. Our lead Yoga teacher Swami Prem Sandip has been practicing Yoga from the age of six. We also invite Guest teachers for Yoga Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy.


I took this course Jan-Feb 2014. Yog Nisarga was found to be a learning supportive environment. The surroundings in Palolem is conducive for this endeavor with its natural endowment of a beautiful beach, greenery, polite and warm local people. Instructors were professional yet friendly, and adhered to the rigor of the Yoga training.Course content is comprehensive with a good balance of practice session vs theory.Variety is introduces with meditation sessions, beach walks and on-the-beach practice sessions.Best part of the course starts mid-way through the training when students are given ample time, opportunity and support to practice their teaching skills among their peers.All in all, a wonderful learning experience at the school and good times with peers.



Important experience for me. Good teaching level, had some of the best teachers of my life. They could transmit motivation and enlightenment.. About the location and accommodation I was really happy, beautiful hall directly on the beach, never wore any flip flop..naked feet for one whole month, nothing better to feel grounded.

Nanh Rossiter


In December 2014 I enrolled for 200hrs yoga teacher training at Yognisarga.The location couldn’t have been better, direct at the beach and the Indian Ocean. Simply fantastic!The accommodation was rather basic and the W-Lan not very reliable. So what, a small price to pay for being direct at the sea at this price. Speaking about the price, the whole package is great value for money. We were a small international group of students with different levels of experience and knowledge. Yet, the teachers understood how to pick us up as a group and still to coach respectively to cater to our individual needs. Coming from the hustle and bustle of the western world, it took me a few days to be able to let loose. But then a whole new world opened up to me. I did learn a lot about Yoga and also about myself. I had to challenge myself on several occasions yet with the assistance of the teachers I felt comfortable and succeeded. I am looking back to an amazing time with amazing people.
I am saying thank you!

Joerg Schwille