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Why Thailand for your Yoga?

The third largest country in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a powerful and universal appeal. Rich in ancient culture, this exotic destination exudes a natural essence of tranquility, its natural energy steeped in and nourished by its old Buddhist heritage. Thailand is also very much a 21st-century Asian country that is developing at a rapid pace, with a modern infrastructure and transportation system. Catering both to the young and adventurous and to those of all ages who prefer peace and quiet, Thailand is the ideal holiday destination.

Thailand is home to an astonishing array of exotic and beautiful islands– such as Ko Chang, Phuket—that entice with diving, swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing opportunities the year round.

Best yoga resort in phuket

Yog Nisarga in Thailand

Yoga centers and retreats started appearing in Thailand in the 1980’s, and since then Yoga’s popularity has spread like wildfire. The country’s year-round climate and striking natural beauty offer the ideal setting for a Yoga retreat, teacher training course, and workshop.
Yog Nisarga is one of India’s top Yoga training schools. We have expanded our horizons to Thailand 4 years ago and successfully trained hundreds of students in this period. We offer a variety of Yoga courses, Yoga teacher certification training courses and more. We are committed to building a pool of expert trainers dedicated to our students’ ongoing learning and development. Students tell us that the school’s setting in such a beautiful and vibrant island environment deepens and enriches their learning experience.

Yoga Resort Thailand

Facilities at Yog Nisarga

We offer all-inclusive 200 Hours Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow Teacher Training. Our Training includes Accommodation and Food.

Standard Room

We provide accommodation with air-conditioned in a single occupant room with every basic perk. We also have accommodation Ocean view rooms. A fair extra fee is incurred for an accommodation of your choice. If you plan to arrive a few days before or wish to stay a few days more after the course ends, let us know so we can reserve the room for you, depending upon availability. You are responsible for the extra nights’ accommodation fees.

We also provide affordable accommodation for students with budget constraints. Please contact us to know more about the affordable accommodation.


Individually Controlled Air Conditioning


Free Ultra High-Speed WI-FI Broadband Internet Connection


Traditional & Modern Art Pieces


Custom Designed Teak Furniture


LED Flat Screen TV & Premium Satellite


Restaurant with ala carte

Ocean view

Spacious room with large sliding windows gives you the view of the Andaman sea. Except for the mesmerising view of the ocean breathing with you in the morning yawn the facilities are same as Standard room.

Residential YTTC Thailand
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