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You might probably never have wondered as to which country googles yoga online the most and what are the google trends. But now that we bring it up, that must have tickled your curious bones, right? But how does one even know about this kind of stuff?

So, here it is! Out of the many uber-cool applications and tools that Google has given us, Google trends is one. Google trends is a great instrument for getting insights about search terms. It provides us with a very broad grasp over the performance of search terms search-volume-wise across different countries during the period from which we run the search.

At first, our curiosity led to go digging into the performance of the word ‘yoga’ as a search term. The result also pulled up the performances of the search terms – Lenovo Yoga Tablet and Kung Fu Yoga, for the fundamental reason that these terms include the word yoga. We filtered those results; obviously, they had nothing to do with yoga practice. The final result – any guesses?

Of course, since India is the birthplace of yoga, it is only natural to think that they would google about Yoga the most. The next best guess would be America, given the growing popularity of Yoga in the US. The results, however, are quite surprising.

Which Country is the Most Yoga-curious?

The results look like a graph where scores are assigned to countries basis the number of searches coming from them. The country which has the highest number of people googling yoga shows a score of 100 on the graph and is none other than Canada. A country where the popularity is half as popular as Canada is assigned a score of 50, and that’s how the tool works. The number is not an indication of the actual number of people googling about yoga. It only reflects the performance of the search term yoga as compared to other Google queries coming from the same country. The graphs are an indicator of the relative popularity of the search term yoga.

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According to the results, Australia falls right after Canada. The other yoga-curious countries in the order are the USA followed by Singapore, New Zealand and then India. In Europe, Ireland stood out as the most yoga-curious country as per the google trends results.

Google Trends


Is there a particular time around which people interests stoop towards yoga?

There is no denying of the fact that yoga has grown in popularity especially over the last five years. The results also show that, since 2015, around June, there is a spike in people’s interest towards yoga given that International Yoga Day falls on the 21st of June. The interest also rises in January when people are trying to adhere to New Year resolutions of losing weight.

What Else does Google Trends say about the popularity of Yoga?

The results can also pull up data on trending yoga queries. Another fact brought to light is that the number of men who have shown interest in Yoga has doubled in the US since 2012. The number has gone from 4 million to 10 million. People also tend to Google using the search terms “yoga challenge poses,”  “yoga near me” and “Yoga Teacher Training.”

Is the interest in Yoga converting into actions?

When you look at the graph, you will also notice that the interest in yoga hasn’t come down this year even post the passage of the “New Year Resolution” period. People aren’t merely reading about yoga, but getting into action to begin their yoga journey. They do continue reading and trying to find out more about new sequences through spring and winter. It looks like the yoga fever is catching on.