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Our body is in constant motion, always active and working in one way or another. All the while both our body and mind are getting bombarded with stressful situations by everything around us. Simple breathing techniques done properly are shown to go a long way in helping relieve the stress bearing down on you. Combining these with yoga for relaxation allows you to attain a level of control over your life. This control lets you become instantly relaxed in any setting or situation. That is the kind of effect that all of us have to strive to achieve. It is easily attainable when regular daily practice meets yoga.

Instant Relaxation in Five Poses

Our life is hectic. All the noise in our life will eventually manifest itself as mental and physical ailments. Admit it; there is no time for us actually to go through the entire set of yoga exercises. All of us need the shortcut methods to get our goals. It is where yoga for relaxation comes in. Take a look at five poses that imparts instant relaxation to your body and mind.

Yoga for Relaxation | Thailand


Garudasana: More commonly known as the Eagle pose, it is all about concentration on focusing your mind to a single point. Along with spreading a blanket of calm over your mind, this pose also helps loosen up tight muscles in your body. Mainly along the shoulders and hips. It is commonly clubbed with other poses in yoga for relaxation.

Yoga for Relaxation


Uttanasana: among yoga fanatics the uttanasana also goes by the name of the standing forward fold. This pose uses yoga for relaxation and brings peace and calm to our life. Most often the stress we feel is generated internally due to an irritable mind and restless thoughts.

Balasana: the Bala Sana means the child’s pose. As the name suggests, this is the best example of using yoga for relaxation. This particular pose will soothe the pressure we put on our adrenalin glands due to our hectic work and life.

Vajrasana: the vajrasana and its variations is another option for all those with restless lives. Your ulcers and other stomach problems caused by overly stressing out can get eradicated with the periodic practice of the vajrasana. The best time to do it is before you go to sleep as this gives you more peaceful and longer sleep. It is an example of how using yoga for relaxation can have much more benefits than we anticipate.

Supta baddha konasana: yes, it’s a mouthful, but it also gives you some peace of mind and happiness.  Let your hips and inner thighs enjoy a small vacation. Surrender your worries and fears to a higher power for that moment and learn to let go using yoga for relaxation. It is important that you stay in your comfort zone even when you are doing these exercises. That is the foundation on which we build peace inside of us.

Yoga for Relaxation


Another interesting method to bring calm and tranquility in your life is visualization. Colors like sky blue, yellow and lilac have been scientifically proven to initiate the loosening of our knotted muscles. If yoga helps you bring your problems into perspective, take a yoga teacher training class and spread the knowledge. There are some amazing and helpful courses for Yoga teacher training in Thailand.  Just keep picturing the color flowing out along with all your worries as you follow your breathing exercises.

Stop sitting around and check out top yoga schools in Thailand. Isn’t it time that you took control of the wheel and steered it towards a more peaceful direction.